How to Partner with Insight Medical Genetics

Physician practices interested in sending their patients to Insight can contact our sales team directly to begin the process. We will schedule a time for an on-site lunch visit to meet your practice manager and providers and discuss the benefits of referring patients for genetic counseling and testing. Typically one of Insight’s genetic counselors will also attend this visit to answer your questions.

At a lunch session, you’ll learn more about the patient flow process, reporting of results to providers, and billing patient insurance. Additionally, we will provide digital versions of our patient forms to the front office staff at this time so that patients can start being seen immediately.

Insight will provide your practice with marketing materials such as brochures and FAQ sheets that can be distributed to patients. These materials answer common questions so patients feel more informed about the genetic counseling process before scheduling their first appointment.

Insight provides on-site training to familiarize your staff with our referral process. After this training, you as a provider will feel comfortable sending your patients to Insight. Our sales team is always available to answer any questions that you may have.