If you are considering pregnancy, preconception testing at Insight can help you identify and respond to potential genetic risks your future child may face. 

As part of our suite of genetic services, Insight Medical Genetics offers an in-depth preconception genetic assessment, combining counseling and testing options for those patients who are not yet pregnant. A preconception genetic assessment offers information regarding the risks of passing on a genetic or inherited chromosomal abnormality to your child(ren), as well as what options or considerations you may find valuable as you make important reproductive decisions. Knowing your own personal genetic information and that of your partner/donor can be a helpful step when planning a pregnancy to minimize questions and uncertainties that could come up later on during a pregnancy.


Preconception Counseling

The best time to talk to a genetic counselor is before trying to get pregnant as there may be reproductive options that you want to consider upon review of your genetic test results. The goal of preconception counseling is to promote the health of your future children and your own physical and emotional well-being as a parent. An appointment with a genetic counselor at Insight will involve a thoughtful review of your personal and family history, followed by an explanation of the testing options. Your genetic counselor will help you understand the kinds of results you might receive from testing as well as how factors such as ethnicity, age, and medical history could influence a future pregnancy.

Preconception Counseling Appointment Step-by-Step

GC with preconception patient

Carrier Screening

For preconception patients, Insight offers a genetic test known as carrier screening. Carrier screening can determine if either parent carries one or more genes that may pass an inherited disorder to a child. Our carrier screening panel screens for over 160 genetic disorders that have been selected by our clinical team based on their effect on quality of life and/or life expectancy. 

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Results for Reassurance

We want to emphasize that for many people, indeed the majority, the results of preconception testing will provide reassurance as well as potentially important information. Most individuals and couples will learn that a potential pregnancy would have a reduced risk for the abnormalities being screened. If your preconception assessment suggests an increased risk for a genetic condition, our counselors will guide you through further testing options to an informed decision about how to proceed.